Are you thrilled with your IT infrastructure? Chances are you do not want to think about it at all. In fact, the less you worry about your IT Infrastructure and assets the better – right? Small and medium businesses (SMBs) rely on hardware, software, email and data to run daily operations. The slightest hiccup can turn into a huge distraction resulting in loss of productivity for your employees and company.

What can you do to take the worry out of your IT? One solution is to adopt an integrated IT strategy. Instead of managing a variety of tools for data protection, remote backup, anti-virus and anti-malware yourself, have your IT Service Provider manage your infrastructure for you. Do you really have time to ensure all your systems are up to date with operating systems (O/S) patches to protect you from the latest security threats? Remember, your network is only as secure as your most vulnerable device. If you miss a patch on one device, your entire network may be out of compliance and compromised.

There are plenty of benefits from adopting an integrated approach to managing your IT assets. For starters, having a single source IT Service Provider means you have one organization to call when you have a problem. If you have service level agreement (SLA) in place, you will get a rapid resolution when you run into problems. What’s more, by using the latest remote monitoring and management technologies, your IT Service Provider will identify and resolve problems before you even realize you have them.

By proactively managing and monitoring your IT Systems, you will run into fewer problems. Even better, you can fix the cost of IT Service delivery by implementing a Managed IT Services model. Not only will you have fewer problems, but the cost of your IT Services will be predictable month after month.

By adopting an integrated IT strategy and implementing a managed service model you will have faster response time, fewer problems and predictable costs of IT Service delivery. All this means less downtime, higher availability and improved productivity for your employees. By taking the hassle out of IT, you have more time to focus on running your business. Isn’t that enough to worry about each day?

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