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Your Independent TEM Experts!

BlueStream’s team is comprised of former telecom carrier employees with decades of experience in their respective fields; many have shaped the billing practices for today’s telecom giants. They are experts in knowing how telecom services are structured, and know where to find billing errors, hidden charges and added fees

In addition, they know how to negotiate with providers to correct errors, secure refunds, obtain discounts and rewrite the fine print in contracts to provide only the services your company needs at the most cost-effective rates.

Our Goal

Moreover, because BlueStream is a wholly independent company with no telecom provider affiliations, they have only your best interests in mind. Their goal is to ensure that the money you pay to your telecom providers is only for services that your company needs, while also recovering any refunds that providers may owe you.

Simply Put….

We deliver valuable, additional savings and improved terms and conditions that our clients cannot earn on their own…money that would otherwise be kept by the carriers.

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